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The Anglo-Zulu War 1879

Want to know the truth behind the defeat at the Battle of Isandhlwana, or the heroics at Rorke's Drift?

 This talk sets the record straight with the latest research.


Also included are my adventures in Zululand as I retraced the steps of the 24th in South Africa in 2011....

Also what about two local heroes? 
One from Brierley Hill, the other from Kingswinford...both winners of the Victoria Cross; 
just what did they do to be awarded this most coveted of honours?

I dress as a colour sergeant of the 24th Regiment of Foot (South Wales Borderers).

Max at the battlefield of Isandhlwana, Zululand, South Africa

Nelson: Britain's Greatest Hero?

....and at Rorke's Drift.

Lord Horatio Nelson: Britain's Greatest Hero?

Well, was Nelson our greatest mariner? Make your own mind up as the facts, figures, battles, personalities and good old British derring-do are presented by Max dressed as a French admiral??? it and find out why! 

It's time to take on Napoleon's fleet with the armaments of humour, tongue-in-cheekiness all wrapped up in an attempt to put the record straight about his lordship!

 (photo courtesy Colin Hill Photography:

Gordon of Khartoum - Hero Of The Imperial Age

Charles George Gordon - AKA Chinese Gordon, Gordon Pasha, Gordon of Khartoum. A Victorian hero prised from the true Victorian heroic mould!


Why was it that a Royal Engineer General, who decided to take over a town in the middle of a desert, became a national hero and brought down a government!


 Uncover the truth about Gordon of Khartoum and why this crude, insubordinate and untrustworthy junior general would appeal to both the British people and Queen Victoria, in true stiff upper lip style!

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