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          Alfred The Great:

A King Who Rode Good Fortune?

Well, here's a tricky one!

How much did Alfred owe his 'Greatness' to lady luck?

In full costume as always, I will attempt to answer this and other questions complete with chain mail, helmet, spear, shield, sword and the most fearsome double handed axe!!

Hereward the Wake

‘The Last True Englishman’


‘A Hero of Romance More Than History?’

Famed through folklore, immortalised through myth, Hereward the Wake has been depicted as an all action-hero of Anglo-Saxon descent (but he could have been half Danish!)

·      His adventures and escapades were recorded in prose and verse within just 40 years of his death, which was unusual.  

But just WHO was he?

Let's sort the myth from fact; the legend from reality.

All in costume from the 11th century of course!

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