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A Turbulent Century Is Covered In Two Talks

The English Civil War in:

Bewdley, Kidderminster, Worcester & Stourbridge.

How did the Civil War between King and Parliament affect these three places?

Which royal figures appeared with armies of 5000 or more?
Also, dependent upon the venue, any local events are researched and discussed.

I dress as a Civil War officer of the Royalist persuasion!

Oliver Cromwell - Royal Executioner or Our Chief of Men?

Oliver Cromwell - not only do I try and persuade the audience that Cromwell was a force for good - I have to persuade myself - as an ardent Royalist!

One of the greatest Englishmen? You decide!

Complete with costume of a Roundhead general! 

 (photo courtesy Colin Hill Photography:

Prince Rupert Of The Rhine:

King Charles I's Pirate Prince

Nephew of King Charles I, Rupert was one of the English Civil War's most paradoxical heroes.

Handsome, impetuous and courageous, he was the epitome of the 'Cavalier', yet he was born a German prince and a protestant.

As the Royalist General of Horse, he was a brilliant strategist, but a volatile and impetuous tactician, who frequently appeared in Worcestershire.

He also served the royalist cause as an Admiral and in later life commanded fleets against the Dutch.

Here I present another of my all-time heroes - on a par with Richard III and Henry V.

The Fact and the Fiction

Ahoy me hearties!

Welcome aboard our quest to sift the fact from the fiction in pirate history.

Pirates – the stuff of myth and legend.

Were they: Swashbuckling idols bringing murder and mayhem to the high seas?

Wide eyed scallywags or Hollywood inventions?

Over the centuries a lot of myths around pirates have become popular, making it hard to untangle pirate fact from piratical fiction.

Why are pirates’ pirates? Cuz they arrrrrr!!

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