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I have written 11 talks about people and subjects that I have a passion for. Each talk features a multimedia projection and full period costume.....including armour for the Henry V and Richard III talks!

I like to be controversial at times, to stimulate historical thought and debate! As a teacher, speaking is my profession and I do so with the enthusiasm of an avid historian.

In addition, I hold a Certificate of Higher Education in British Archaeology, which has helped me to probe deeper into my chosen subjects.

Choose from:

The English Civil War in Bewdley, Kidderminster, 

 Stourbridge and Worcester

(plus additions depending on the venue of the talk).


The History of Dudley Castle 1071-1933


 Sir Francis Drake: England's Greatest Naval Hero? 

The Anglo-Zulu War of 1879. (with 2 local VC heroes!)

King Richard III: Murderer or Loyal Brother? 

King Henry V and Agincourt: England's Greatest 3 hours?

Oliver Cromwell: Royal Executioner or Our Chief Of Men?


Lord Horatio Nelson: England's Greatest Hero? 

Alfred The Great: A King Who Rode Good Fortune?

King John: The Worst Or Most Useful King?

Hereward the Wake: The Last True Englishman?

Prince Rupert of the Rhine: King Charles I's Pirate Prince

King Edward I - Hammer of Scots: A Great Or Terrible King?

Gordon of Khartoum: A Victorian Epic

Sir William Marshall: England's Greatest Knight?

Pirates! The Fact And The Fiction

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