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King Henry V & Agincourt: England's Finest 3 Hours?

King Henry V and Agincourt -  was Agincourt England's Finest 3 Hours? 

Complete with armour, chain mail and weapons of the period!

A recreation of the horror that was Agincourt and the hero that was Henry.

(photos courtesy Colin Hill Photography:

King Richard III: Hero? Murderer? Loyal Brother?

Was Richard the monster that Shakespeare would have us believe?
Was he the rightful King of England after his brother Edward IV?
Not only that......was EDWARD the rightful king? All set against the complexities and horrors of the Wars of the Roses. Complete with armour, chain mail and weapons of the period!

King John: The Worst Or Most Useful English King?

Hmmm... a snarling, scheming, spineless, cruel, ruthless taxman, womaniser and tyrannical king?

Probably YES in my humble opinion - but is there anything good to say about the man?


Indeed I do, dressed as Sir William Marshall - England's Greatest Knight

The History of Dudley Castle 1071 - 1933

A fortress since 1087, Dudley has seen its fair share of sieges, political derring do and royal visits - not to mention illegal mints, ghosts and great fires.

Featuring a quick change from medieval to civil war costume & weapons during the talk! 

A revealing talk, in more ways than one! 

King Edward I: Hammer of the Scots: Longshanks
 A Great or Terrible King?

ed horse 3.jpg

Was Edward really a great king, or one of a long line of medieval butchers, masquerading as a king?

Why did he attack and conquer Wales with such ruthlessness?

What exactly happened when he turned his attention to the Scots, to earn his epitaph " Malleus Scottorum " - Hammer of Scots?

And just why did he expel the Jews from England in 1290?

Or was he simply one of the greatest of medieval monarchs?

With sword, maille, helm and authentic surcoat and shield - I will attempt to unravel the complex character that was Edward Plantagenet!

Oh and I'm afraid I don't bring the horse!!!!!

ed horse.jpg

Sir William Marshall: England's Greatest Knight


William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke (1146 or 1147 – 14 May 1219), also called William the Marshal was an Anglo-Norman soldier and statesman. He served five English kings: Henry II, his sons the "Young King" HenryRichard I, and John, and finally John's son Henry III.

His was a remarkable long life (74 years!!) of loyal service chivalry, bravery, courage and raw martial talent. 

Discover the story of this utterly remarkable  medieval soldier and statesman, complete with  maille,  sword,  shield and great helm - minus the horse!!

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